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Keep Austin Gorgeous

Hello All,

I have a meeting with Keep Austin Gorgeous next week. I have only heard great things about them, but I was wondering if there is anything else I should know.  Any suggestions, comments, considerations?


Re: Keep Austin Gorgeous

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    I'm in the same boat as you! I have an appointment for a consultation and have heard only good things about KAG. I really like that they have a salon that is all yours during your appointment & the pictures on their site look like they do really good work!
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    I used KAG for my hair and make-up last October, and I had a mixed experience, which I reviewed a few times on this board, under a different username. I know plenty of people who ended up loving KAG, so I won't go into specifics of my issues on here as I think mine might have been a rare experience. PM if you want me to go into more detail. I will say that you need to absolutely keep on Brizy and make sure she understands EXACTLY what you require. I corresponded with her through email, and thought she understood what I needed, regarding scheduling on the day of. But apparently she did not, and it caused me unneccessary stress the morning of my wedding.

    Having said that, her team did a great job on all my bridesmaids, and both mothers. Brizy gave me a bit of attitude when I asked her to make some changes to my hair, since she didn't follow what we had agreed on in the trail, but once the changes were made, I did like what she had done. Brizy will also try to sell you a ton of stuff, so if you're not interested, definitely don't let her talk you into it. I was not expecting to be given a sales pitch at my trial, and I wasn't comfortable saying no. But I still use the product she sold me, so no harm done.
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    KAG did a great job on me and my bridemaids, everyone looked fabulous.  But, my experience could have been a little better.  During my trial, I was clear that I had to be done by a certain time.  They ran 30 minutes over time, and I was late to where I was going.  I was really worried that they'd run late on the day of the wedding, but the timing ended up being perfect.  So, be very firm about what you want, when you need to be headed out the door, etc.  And yes, she tried to sell me all kinds of products, conditioning treatments, haircuts, eyelash extensions, threading, etc.  It did get a little bit annoying, but no biggie.
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    I have not been to KAG, but I have had a horrible time getting in touch with them to even schedule an appointment.   I have called them multiple times, and have never been able to get anyone to answer the phone (I have callled during business hours and left messages, telling them I would like to schedule a consult for bridal portrait hair/makeup). 

    So I hope everyone enjoys them!  I wish they would have bothered calling me back!
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    Prior to my wedding day I was very excited about choosing Keep Austin Gorgeous (KAG) as my hair/makeup vendor. As an out of state bride, I heavily relied on the web & vendor reviews when deciding who to use as my wedding vendors. Hence my reasoning for actually following up my experience with a review of each and every one of my vendors.

    The first reason I was excited about using KAG was I loved the look of the salon (from the many pics online and in reviews) and it also would accommodate my large wedding party. After much research, I quickly realized a lot of Austin salons did not accommodate large wedding parties so this factor played a large role in deciding to use KAG. During the booking process KAG has the bride complete a contract with each of the services being rendered as well as detailed information/instructions for each person in your appointment. A 50% contract deposit is also charged to hold the appointment. All fine as I appreciated the thoroughness of the contract and felt confident there would be no confusion going into the actual appointment. Boy was I wrong.  First off, it is important to note the salon is extremely difficult to find (especially if you are not familiar with the area to begin with.) Even utilizing a GPS as we did, the address leads you into what appears to be an apartment complex and KAG has virtually no signage, period. Driving in circles for close to 20 minutes (on hold with KAG for the entire time) we finally were able to get someone on the phone to tell us EXACTLY where they were located. What a great way to start off the morning, right?! When we all arrived (13 of us all following each other in cars) we were not greeted WHATSOEVER, we were actually told we were 15 minutes late for the appointments and asked to go sit into a room until our names were called. When I addressed the front desk staff and told her I was the bride and I was actually the one on the phone with her and I was the one who was on hold for over 20 minutes, she quickly snapped back, "...well if you go to our website you will see that we are having issues with our phones and that's why you were on hold." My response, "Go to a website?! It's my wedding day and I was driving to come here for my hair and makeup appointment! We were driving around in circles looking for a salon in the BACK of a complex that doesn't have a SINGLE sign directing you to where it's located?!"  Moving on, I took a deep breath and went to sit in the back room until my name was called. They took 3 of us to the makeup area to begin our makeup...I wish I could remember the woman who did my makeup, but it was sub par work. I told her I wanted a look that would last all day (as I was getting married outside in this August TX heat) and to go heavier than not as I did not want a "natural look". Let's just say I had to direct her more than not the entire appointment, even pulling my makeup bag out a few times so she could use the product/colors I preferred. I honestly should've saved the $65 and did it myself.  Moving on to the hair appointments, one of my girls got hers re-done 3 times, for one of my girls they kept trying to sell her on getting a hair accessory after we all agreed it looked unnecessary, and I could go on about each of the other 10 appointments, but you get the idea... MY ONLY REASONING FOR GIVING THIS SALON 2 STARS IS BECAUSE OF CHANCY. She was honestly my most favorite part of my hair/makeup experience. She went over and beyond exactly what I asked her to do and I LOVED my wedding day hair. She was so nice and could tell I was stressed with the whole KAG experience and assured me she would take care of me.  While I was getting my hair styled the receptionist had the nerve to charge my mother-in-law for the remaining balance of her hair!! I WAS MORTIFIED!!! I clearly marked on the contract they INSISTED I complete, prior to booking the appointment, that I was going to pay for my entire wedding parties hair and makeup appointments. I actually wrote on each and every appointment line, "BRIDE WILL PAY". After demanding my mother-in-law be reimbursed I was approached by the owner of the salon, Brizy. I had seen her around the salon all day and knew from the site she was the owner and it wasn't until we were already there for HOURS and there was this issue, that she actually approached me at all. As a business owner, you'd think it would be common sense to thank or approach the person who is bringing close to two thousand dollars to your small business. Guess not?! She wanted to just argue with me about it and said, "How are we supposed to know you were paying for all of the girls appointments? We have a lot of brides who just pay for 1/2 of the cost of the services..." ARE YOU KIDDING?! First of all, I asked to see the contract they insisted I complete when booking the appointment, but of course it was no where to be found. If they actually referenced it, they would see it was noted NUMEROUS times.  All in all, I was NOT HAPPY with my experience at KAG and it was as far away from a stress-free experience as it could be. I WOULD NOT RECOMMEND THEM FOR YOUR BRIDAL PARTY SALON, unless you went solely to see CHANCY!! I hope this review is helpful to other out of state brides as I wish I would've been warned before choosing them as one of my wedding vendors. Also, yep you guessed it; we were not thanked or told bye or ANYTHING when exiting the salon. Happy Wedding Day to me!
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