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Reserved seating issues

We are having a formal traditional wedding, which I have found out is a foreign concept to FI's family.

After all this time, FI decides to tell me this weekend that it **not** a good idea to seat his divorced parents in the same row.  Nor can we seat his step-brother's wife near his step-mom!  ARGH!!!!! 

His dad is his BM, so that's not an issue, but how do I seat this:

his mom & her sig. other & full sister, nephew and his grandmother & step grandfather

his stepmom, 5 yr old half brother, grandmother, his step-brother is a GM,  and his step-brothers wife (who doesn't get along with his step-mom, persoanlly she's a childish kid who needs set straight)

Sad to say, but step-mom has been more of a mother to FI than his own. His mom has been very selfish over the years and has battled her own problems, that include drug abuse.
We (I) are trying to walk a fine line here and not hurt anyone's feelings. We are having the traditional Bride's side & Groom's side.  I'm open to suggestions, since I am brain dead on how to set this up without it looking too weird with the chair layout.

Lord can I say I'm sooo glad my family is not this disfunctional.

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Re: Reserved seating issues

  • For the life of me I couldnt figure out the familie issues, but I would suggest you and Fi come up with a seating arraingment that keeps all those ppl happy, ideally restricted to two or three rows, reserve those seats, give seating charts to ushers, and have them escort everyone to a proper seat separately.
  • That's ok. I can barely figure it out enough myself. I have a very close, yet occassional nutty family. FI's family is so out of control it's unreal.
    I forgot to add his dad's brother is also divorced from his mom's sister!  Two brother married two sisters, and all 4 are divorced.

    I have 4 months to work this chart out for the ceremony and I have a feeling its oging to take all four months.
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