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At the request of one Ms. Reddie36, here's a link to my bridal pics! I'm lazy, so I'm not posting the tiny url. You ladies get direct access!Go to:http://metrobluephoto.net/weddings/index2.php?v=v1Select "Clients" at the bottom of the page.Password: comptonYay! So there's a story to the duck pictures... my fiance loves rubber ducks and only had one when I met him. He took a photo of me kissing it, and has had it in his office at work ever since (been almost 8 years now). I thought it would be really cute to do something nice in my bridals for him. :)The guy in the photos at the end with me is my photographer's lighting assistant & husband. They're fun.Yay, I love them!Thanks for the encouragement, Trish!*joy.

Re: AW: Bridals!

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    Awww! You girls are the best! Thanks! I love all of my bridals, and am so happy with all of the different looks!I'll be taking a few more outdoors at the One World on my wedding day... it was just too hot that day (I was literally melting on that rooftop!), and we'd had some scheduling problems with the venue, so decided to just forgo it altogether for the time being.Yay! Bridal portraits are so exciting. I wish I could just do this for a living. Although, someone did tell me that I should be the model for my dress. They might be on to something... Hahaha!
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