help pick a photo, please

FI and I have been waiting to send out our invitations until we took our engagement photos yesterday so we can include them. We need to get it printed so we can get these invites in the mail ASAP, but can't pick which one to include! Please help. Which would you send?[url]http://tiny.cc/lRXu1[/url]           [url]http://tiny.cc/fThZJ[/url]           [url]http://tiny.cc/hnX1G[/url]        [url]http://tiny.cc/hTt93[/url]         [url]http://tiny.cc/dyDcl[/url]         [url]http://tiny.cc/b37Ks[/url][url]http://tiny.cc/ECqRx[/url]Thanks for the help!

Re: help pick a photo, please

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