Venue Tour Appointments. Opinions wanted!

Hey ladies,

I have a few appointments for this coming weekend to take some tours of a few different venues. I was wondering if any of you have any experience with them, and what you thought of them. 

So far, the venues I'm looking at are:

The Plantation House
Barr Mansion
The Westin
Angel Springs Event Center

Any and all opinions, stories, testimonials, and advice would be much appreciated!

Re: Venue Tour Appointments. Opinions wanted!

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    I have been to weddings at The Platntation House and Barr Mansion. I love both of these venues, but Barr Mansion is AMAZING and my favorite!! I The Westin is a nice option since you have over night accommodations there, but it depends on the theme/feel you are going for at the wedding. I have not been to Angel Springs  Event Center so I do not have much informaiton on them. We ended up choosing Memory Lane Event Center since we could do the outdoor ceremony and inside reception. Hope this helps a little!! Good Luck. Laughing
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    Thanks for you opinions!! It definitely helped. The only place I've actually been to a wedding at is the Angel Springs Event Center. My dad got married there a few years back. I was a little skeptical about the Barr Mansion from the video that they have on their website, but since you said it was your favorite, I'm excited about it all over again!
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    It is better in person. I don't think you actually get full look of it with the online info!!
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