Who are you using...

as your cake vendor???

I don't even know what the average price per slice usually is?

Can someone help me out here! Please

Re: Who are you using...

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    I think the average price per slice is $2.50. Give or take 50 cents. 

    We used Michelle's Patisserie. It was the best cake that we tried. There was not a single slice left, except for the top tier that was saved for our 1 year. I also have to mention we had a lot of cake.link

    We also had a gluten free cake from the Bee's Knees Bakeshop for a couple of our guests. 
    Blue Note also makes a fantastic gluten free cake. Wasn't thrilled by there regular cakes.
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    We are using Krissys Cakes.  Their prices are a little higher, like $3.50 per slice, but 100% worth it!  Her buttercream is flawless and sometimes hard to tell if it's actually buttercream or fondant.  The flavors that she has are some of the best that I've ever had and I am total sweets person.  We now only order our special occasions cakes from her.
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