I am highly unsatisfied with Tim who operates this company.  Not only in the services delivered, or lack thereof, but also in his moral character and professional behavior.

My fiancé (now husband) and I hired him for our wedding in 10/12.  When we first contacted him he was eager to get our business.  Well, after we gave him our deposit and hired him that’s when he started treating us poorly.  He’s anxious to get you as a customer, but then flips a switch. He was always late getting back to our emails and sometimes not at all leading up to the wedding.  Two weeks out I had given him our music selection and wanted to confirm that he got it.  He never got back to me from my numerous emails.  It was until a week out from the big day that my husband called him and Tim informed him that he would be calling me the next day to go over everything.  He didn’t call me till the DAY BEFORE our wedding after trying to call him throughout the week. 

The day of our wedding came and it was spoiled due to him.  We were supposed to have a grand entrance being introduced as a couple for the first time.  That did not happen.  He told my mother that he got to the restaurant an hour and half before for set up and Tim claims that fuses kept blowing. So when my husband and I arrived expecting to be introduced there was no music and I was visibly upset walking in.  It wasn’t until after us getting there that Tim and his crew went out to buy an IPod dock and speakers.  We paid for dance floor lights and professional speakers.  I could have sooner had a friend hook up our IPod.  We didn’t get any music till an hour into our reception and he was slow to finally provide our first dance music.  We had a comedian perform who didn’t have a microphone due to him and we had to announce dinner, desert, etc. ourselves since Tim didn’t do that either! Not once did he come up to my husband or I and apologize or explain what was going on.  However, Tim informed my mother, instead of approaching us, that he would be giving a full refund. 

My husband called him the following Monday to confirm our refund and Tim said he would pay us with three separate payments in the course of 30 days only if we didn’t write bad reviews of him.  He also told my husband that nothing was his fault.  Fifteen days passed and my husband called to ask where our payment was and Tim told my husband that he would pay with one payment at the end of the month.  Guess what? End of the month comes and no payment so my husband once again calls and then Tim says it will be in the mail and he would give us a tracking number.  I called myself and left a voicemail stating if we did not receive a payment by X date and time we would dispute the charges and be forced to write reviews.  We gave him a week to get us our tracking number and payment and nothing came.  We tried calling everyday for a week and half with no answers and no payment!

After writing him an email informing him of the actions we would take he all a sudden he emails back.  He writes to me saying it was OUR fault for not providing competent electricity (even though it states nowhere in contract that we are responsible for X voltage, etc) He goes on to say that since I left a threatening voicemail (remember said “threatening” voicemail above what actions I would soon take if no payments were received?) that he was forced to seek council.  What a joke and a lie! And so now due to our actions he will only pay half ONLY if we sign document stating we will not place blame on him.  He once again said that nothing was his fault and he’s only offering half because he felt bad about our wedding.  Yeah right!

Over the course of the relationship we had with him, he was slow to get back with us, if ever.  He did not deliver what was paid for.  He lied to us and continually refuses to take any blame for his business.  Also, for hypothetical argument’s sake, let’s just say he wasn’t responsible; he still should have treated us with respect and honesty.  He did not approach us personally and dodged any contact and now wants to place blame on us.  He is absolutely ridiculous and if you want to be treated like a paycheck then hire him.  

Oh, and if he tries to explain himself by responding to this review, DO NOT LISTEN to him.  He will give you the same crap he’s been feeding us of how the electricity was faulty.  You’ve been a DJ how long and you didn’t think for a backup system until we arrived?  Give me a break! Load of crap.  I can’t stand someone who places blame on everyone else and doesn’t keep their word.  He’s a weasel and a crock of a DJ. 

Re: Vendor:DO NOT HIRE

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