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New ring setting? :/

Ok so let me start off by saying I absolutely love my setting. Unfourtantly I am a total clutz and my setting is very delicate. I know nothing about diamonds or settings so bear with me but it is made to look like the whole ring is made of diamonds. According to the jewler in order to do that they have to use very little metal in the prongs, so basically it's not really an ideal ring for someone who is very rough on their rings, aka me. Anyways the point of my story is I lost another one of my small diamonds today, for the 3rd time, which is apparently common with this setting. :/ My question is would you girls just deal with possibly having to go every couple of months to get a diamond replaced for the setting you love or look for another setting that you may love just as much that is not so delicate? Thanks for listening :)
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