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Accomodations and Rehearsal Dinner ideas in Dripping Springs, Texas

Has anyone gotten married in Dripping Springs, Texas? If so, where did you and your guests stay and where did you have the rehearsal? I am getting married at Vista West Ranch and was planning to do buses from Austin but the Texas Relays are going on that weekend so I have thought to do everything in Dripping Springs however it appears that hotels and restaurants are few and far between there. What should I do? Thanks!

Re: Accomodations and Rehearsal Dinner ideas in Dripping Springs, Texas

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    Not sure about accomodations but Salt Lick BBQ in Driftwood is only about 15 miuntes from Dripping Springs. It would be good for the RD.

    Good Luck!
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    How about Nutty Brown Cafe for the rehearsal? It is a very casual place, but could be really fun depending on what you are going for.
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    i second the salt lick.  have been to a RD there before and it was fabulous.  it's definitely on the pricey side, but they do great job with decorations, food & overall atmosphere.  also, not sure if they do group dinners - but trattoria lisina at the mandola vineyard might be an option.  the grounds are really beautiful.
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    Thanks so much for the suggestions. Both places would definitely go with the rustic theme. Will check out both!
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    If you went the Salt Lick route you could save some serious money since they're BYOB.
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    Anyone recommend a good authentic Mexican restaurant in South Austin for a RD? Need a private room for ~40 ppl Rehearsal is in Buda, TX...so anywhere from downtown and south.
    Oct 15 is just around the corner! :)
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    We're getting married at Vista West in December and we plan on staying in Blanco at the Blanco Luxury Inn.  There currently isn't a hotel in Dripping Springs but they're in the process of building one -- last I heard it would be ready by the end of the year but I wasn't willing to take the chance. 

    As far as the rehearsal dinner, the Salt Lick would definitely be fun.  There's a winery/restaurant in Driftwood called Trattoria Lisina that has GREAT food.  It's a little pricey but a very cool location.  There's another winery about 10 minutes south of town -- Driftwood Winery -- that has a VERY cool outdoor pavilion which would be perfect for a rehearsal.  It is also a little pricey though.

    I'm very familiar with the whole area.  Just let me know if you have any questions.

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    Thanks for the information. I have tried to get in touch with the new hotel but havent heard a word. They are supposed to open in October but who knows. I will definitely check out the Driftwood Winery. I called Trartoria and it is very pricey so looks like I might be going with Salt Lick. Thanks so much for the advice. Are you suggesting any other hotels for your guests?
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    Its probably doesn't mesh with etiquette "rules" but we aren't suggesting any other hotels.  The plan is that we're going to buy out the hotel in Blanco and that's where the shuttle will pick up and drop off.  I think if it were in a more metropolitan area we would need to offer another hotel but Blanco is a small town and there isn't really much of anything else. 

    Depending on how many guests you're going to have at the rehearsal, you may want to think about Creek Road cafe.  It's locally owned and the food is really good.  The only issue is that its pretty small so if your guest list is over 40 it may not work. 

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    I agree with only having one hotel based on the lack of hotels in the area. Hopefully I can rent out the new hotel if I can get a hold of them. How far away is the Blanco hotel? What type of bus transporation are you using? Sorry to ask you so many questions but it seems like you have thought this through. I will probably have about 75 people at the rehearsal so need a bigger venue. Would like to check out the Creek Road Cafe, it sounds awesome.
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    I think it's about 25 miles from the ranch which is pretty far but people won't be driving because we'll have the bus. 

    I can't recall the company who will do the transportation but our contact at the hotel said that she'll arrange it all and take care of everything. All I remember is that it will be a charter bus/motor coach type as opposed to a school bus. 

    We're meeting with her at the hotel next weekend -- I can let you know how if goes if you'd like. 

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