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Gifts for Readers?

I'm going to have six of my close friends (I already have four BM's) stand up where they are during the ceremony and read one line from a poem each. (They'll read right after each other and the whole thing will flow). I don't want to have to buy all of them gifts, but if they're considered part of the ceremony do I have to?

Re: Gifts for Readers?

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    I dont think its necessary to get them a gift, but if you would feel embarrassed just thanking them for being involved, a little something can't hurt.
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    Yeah, I think it's nice to at least get everybody something, even if it's small.
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    We gave everyone who participated a little something. Our readers received bookmarks with $15 gift certificates to Barnes & Noble. It wasn't anything too crazy, but we wanted to thank each of them.
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    We got our reader a Starbucks travel mug and a $25 gift card.
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    I would get them something.  I know you have is more difficult since you don't just have one or two readers since they are all reading one line of the poem.  Maybe you can get them each a picture frame with a nice picture of you and them in it.  That is thoughful, yet inexpensive.
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