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Does anyone know of a good, inexpensive officiant in the Austin area?  We want a quick ceremony, not stuffy ordrawn out. Since we don't want anything complicated or long-winded we are willing to be practice for someone just starting in the wedding business. Anyone know any college age youth ministers or someone who would be willing to do our ceremony on the cheap?

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    Have you though about having a family member do it? My FI dad will perform our short ceremony, he got his ministry certificate online easily.
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    We were originally going to use Chaplin Larry Todd, but unfortunately he wasn't available that weekend. He recommended Rev. Joe Calovic to us and that's who we decided to use. He is charging us $175. We've only met him once but we really liked him. He is definitely not college aged. He's probably in his 60's but after talking to him I really don't think ours will be drawn out. He allows you to pick out the vows from a list he has (if you don't want to write your own), so it's really up to you how long you want the whole ceremony to be.
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    Try Judge Elisabeth Earle.  Her number is (512) 854-9679.  She was great at our wedding !!
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    Scott The Knot Tyer... it sounds kitchy, but he's great!
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