Eat Out In Reviews?

So I was looking into The County Line to do catering, but it seems that they farm this out to a company called Eat Out In. Have any of you used them?

The County Line in San Antonio offers catering for $16/person (serving staff, plates, utensils provided).. wondering what price difference it will be for this company to do it.

Thier website: https://www.eatoutin.com/About-Us/

And yes, I know I am far out from my wedding date, just doing some early vendor research without contracts.

Re: Eat Out In Reviews?

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    my former company used eat out in all the time to feed us when we were working late (was in advertising). their set up is pretty casual and not very fancy. basically you place your order with eat out in the day of, they send someone to go pick up your food and deliver it, they come in with bags full of the food in containers and set it up, get paid and then leave. everything is paper and plastic. i'm not sure what the pricing is. i believe whenever we did the bbq it was somewhere about $10 a person, maybe more, i can't remember. sounds like the san antonio deal would be better. plus, with eat out in, they always gave a range of time and were sometimes late. oh and there were no food warmers. everything was just in big containers.

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    Ooo, that probably won't work then! Thanks so much for the information!
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