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Popular Months for an OUTDOOR Austin, TX wedding

Hey ladies,

So I've been doing research and I've come across so many different webpages saying so many different things.... Hubby & I don't have a date set and we don't really care about the date, like we're not set on a particular month or date.

We want our ceremony & reception to be outside at dusk. We're not really worried about finding a venue - there are plenty of options... what we're worried about is finding a date. We were thinking about just calling the venders that we are interested in and saying "hey, when is your slow season?" or something.

However, I want to get some real brides opinions.... so ladies, when are the most popular months for outdoor weddings in Austin???

- Meghan

Re: Popular Months for an OUTDOOR Austin, TX wedding

  • October and April.  Although, you can take a chance and go with other months - we had 70+ degree weather in December and January!  I would just stay away from the hot months of May through September if you are planning on outdoor.  Also, I would go with a venue that has a rain plan.
  • Agree on having a place with a good rain plan. Most venues charge more during the high/ wedding season. For Texas September & October are a couple of the nice months. I think I ran into a couple places that still charged more in November.
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  • Late March through mid-May for the spring.  October through mid-November for the fall.
  • I'm getting married April 27th in Austin area.  I picked it on purpose because it may be warm but not HOT.  We were going to get married in October if April didn't work out or possibly Feb.  
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