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Any suggestions for ceremony musicians in Austin/Georgetown areas that are reasonably priced and do a great job?   We are thinking more of an acoustic guitar sound.  Any suggesstions?!  I'm not from Austin, nor do we live there, so I'm struggling on finding this!  I know Austin has some GREAT music scenes, so didn't know if anyone had recommendations.  We already have a band for the recetion but looking for something more acoustic for the ceremony.

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    We just booked Angelic Strings for our ceremony.  The husband plays the harp and the wife plays the viola.  They were gracious enough to host us for a demonstration at their home.  Their playing moved us so much that we booked them right on the spot.  I don't know what price range you're looking at but if you'd like to learn more about them, here's their website
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    We used Anima Strings & had 2 violin players. They were the most reasonably priced ceremony musicians I found. I didn't hear much of them playing but what I did hear was wonderful! I asked the bridal party/parents how they were and they said they were great! I would highly recommend them. Laura was a little slow to respond to e-mail but if you keep on top of it, it's not a problem.

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    Hill Country Strings has flamenco guitarist.  Super awesome :)
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