6k wedding budget...super cheap venues?

We're wanting to get married in October of 2012 and I just went on my first venue tour today (yay!) We went out to The Plantation in P-ville. It's amazing. However, I'm really trying to keep my costs low. I'm really only splurging on the photographer i've dreamed about since she was my teacher at ACC.

I know someone who got married at the Raab House in Round Rock for like..300-400 bucks! It was really pretty for such a small budget. But sadly they're not taking reservations due to flood damage or something.

I've booked to go look inside Kiningham House in Round Rock, which is just as inexpensive and I've also booked to take a look at Commons Ford Ranch in Austin, which I'm excited about but I have zero clue as to how expensive that place is.

I'm trying to find places that are cheap but also places that I have the option to move the wedding and reception indoors in case of bad weather.
The dream is to have a very texas, garden-like, simple wedding and reception.

Even if I have to have the ceremony at one location and the reception at another.
We've crossed names off the guest list and got it to just a hair under 100 folks.

Has anyone looked into Commons Ford Ranch, Zilker Clubhouse or any G-town, P-ville or Round Rock venues through the parks depts. I'd love to know what some of the prices are. I really can't go over 1000!

Re: 6k wedding budget...super cheap venues?

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    We originally were looking at Mills Pond in Wells Branch for our ceremony, the parks guy said it was no cost for it, but the pavilion really needed a lot of clean up and we really wanted to have our ceremony in our church.

    Best advice is to call them and check with them. Here is another option for you-we found this well after our church wedding, but this woulda been awesome too and it's next to free!

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    Do it on a weekday!  Cost goes way down at most places and many of them are flexible if you are doing it off peak times.  I am getting married on Feb 20th adn we got a dal because it was a Monday.
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    oh my..i'd heard about the lottery. that's kinda scary. and originally my dream location was mayfield! It's so pretty there.

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    I've been out to Mills Pond before..that's such a neat idea!  I'd never thought of having it out there. I don't remember seeing anything covered though if it rained (other than the little gazebo) Thanks for the info!
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    We have Zilker Clubhouse reserved for May 4th. The lottery thing is kind of weird but not hard. Six months out you can simply call and pick any remaining dates. It's free to hold a date for 2 weeks but then you need to pay in full. You can get 10 hours for about 1k (after deposit is returned). The venue is gorgeous and needs little decorating. 

    They have chairs and tables to rent, but we're renting elsewhere because theirs are metal folding chairs.
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    Check out the Caswell House during the week or on a Friday night or Sunday.  The Friday & Sunday rates are $1150, but cheaper during the week.  If you use one of their preferred vendors, you will get a $200 refund after your wedding. 

    It's a beautiful venue, but reasonably priced as it's owned by a non-profit group, Austin Jr. Forum.
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