Cat Barton with Beauty by April

I had to share my wonderful experience with Cat Barton!  I found Beauty by April on this board and when I contacted them, Cat was available.  I live in Houston and was in Austin last weekend so I scheduled my trial run.  She came to the hotel where we were staying to do the trial run.  My fiance and his mother were both there and they insisted on staying for the trial.  Cat was wonderful!  She has an amazing calm energy, which I never thought would be a plus for a hair stylist, but I know I will benefit from it on my wedding day!  I had no idea what I wanted for hair or make up, but Cat asked a lot of good questions about the venue, dress, "feel" of the wedding and me in general to find out what would work.  The first round of make up was a little too much for me (absolutely gorgeous, but just not my style).  She quickly fixed that and came up with the perfect look.  The hair was amazing!  She did a gorgeous up-do!  It lasted the entire night (we went out to dinner).  I took out all the bobby pins, etc. when I went to sleep, and my hair looked amazing the next morning!  Its great to know not only will my hair be beautiful at my wedding, but it'll look great my first morning as the Mrs!  :)  Cat also handled the input of my future MIL very well, but made sure to focus on what I wanted and listened carefully to me.  Her prices are great  $40 for the trial and $90 day of make up and hair.  You can reach her at  beautybycat@aol.comI'll be sure to write another post after the wedding - 10/22/11!!
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