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Hello! I live in the Seattle area but I'm helping my sister plan her wedding in Austin. She's having a really hard time finding a band.  She'd like a group that plays a variety of music and the budget is $4k.  Any helpful hints? Thanks!

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    My coworker is the drummer for Blind Date. They rock. They are one of the more popular wedding bands in Austin, and I think they are in your budget.

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  • mistyleonmistyleon member
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    We are using the Atlantics and their fee is $3600 -- fairly reasonable for a wedding band.  http://www.theatlantics.net/

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  • chocolatemaltchocolatemalt member
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    Gosh there are so many bands here, and I bet a lot of them would be able to play a wedding. What type of music are you looking for? Does it have to be a wedding band, or would you be interested in a regular band who can play weddings too?

    A friend of mine had the Shawn Pittman Band play at their wedding and they loved it. His music is very bluesy. http://www.myspace.com/shawnpittmanband

    Doug Moreland is an awesome local musician who plays more country-jazz style of music. He plays all the time and I bet he and his band play weddings too: http://www.myspace.com/dougmorelandshow

    There are so many choices in Austin though that I can imagine it's hard to know where to look. I don't know about wedding bands, since I live here but am having my wedding in New York. However if you need any recommendations on more local bands just send me a message. Good luck!
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    the recliners.  they charge $2,500.
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    We had The Grooves.  They have a five and seven piece band, right around $4k.  They play a variety of music from sinatra to brooks & dunn to michael jackson to van morrison.  They had everyone on the dance floor and we are still getting compliments from guests on how great of a band they were!
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    London Calling - really good.
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