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HI all! This is NWR but I figured I could ask and see what you ladies say. Also, if I need to move this to antoher TX board, I'll be happy to, but looks like on the map that Austin is closes to San Antonio out of the three options, so here I am!

My employer is sending me to Comfort, TX, which is about an hour outside of San Antonio, for a week. I am not sure the exact times that I will have some free time, but I'm expecting to have one or two evenings free.

Can you tell me anything I must see while I have some free time? I've been doing some research but locals always know best. Thanks for any help you can provide!

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    San Antonio is fun! I'm from Houston, but lived there for a year or so after school. 1. The Alamo and Riverwalk are pretty much required viewing for any tourist. That being said, every tourist in town is there! They are right next to each other right on a charming square in the middle of downtown. I would try to park in one of the garages next to the Riverwalk, and then walk around from there. 2. El Mercado, or the market, is great if you like to shop or you need to bring home any souvenirs. Mostly Mexican-style crafts and whatnot. Fun to walk around, and there is always entertainment. It's GIGANTIC. Mi Tierra is a legitimately delicious Mexican restaurant. There's always a wait since it's adjacent to the Mercado and filled with tourists, but locals eat there too. The area can be reached from the Riverwalk on adorable trolleys that are free maybe?? 3. In different places around San Antonio are some of the original Spanish missions (or their ruins). There might be some closer to Comfort. I am a nerd for history, and these are some of the oldest settlements in the country. That being said, Comfort (and the surrounding towns) have such an interesting history as well, if you only have time to explore around there. The Germans came through the "Ellis Island of the south" - Galveston - and pushed into the Texas Hill Country looking for farmland. Lots of beautiful, historic buildings. Have a great trip!
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