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April 2012 Weddings

Another (but pretty huge) AW!

Hey ladies,

I know I just AWed our e-pics, but I had 1 big and one small DIY one to toss out.

First, the small DIY which I am not sure any of you saw is our name poster.  I just recently got it printed and shipped off to be framed professionally but thought I would show at least the image:

Now the big news!  Albert & I put an offer in on a house last week for about 10k less than the asking price.  Then a day later, the bidding war began. UGH.  We upped our offer to what we felt the house was worth and waited.  Then waited more... and waited a bit more.

I got a call this morning from my friend (and agent :P) saying he had news.  He played it off as if it was bad news, but in the end - Our offer was accepted!  SQUEEEE!  Now for inspections, closings, etc.  Wish us luck!
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