Less than 3 months to go...EEK!

So I just realized today when getting on theKnot that I have less than 3 months to go until our wedding and I still have SO much to do. Are there any other March brides that are having similar anxieties?!

Re: Less than 3 months to go...EEK!

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    a bit - I'm 3/20.  My things are coming along, but I'm concerned about the tux and rehearsal dinner (fiance is taking the lead there).
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    I'm feeling the crunch too since my ticker changed over to 3 months the other day - 4/24 is on it's way!! We have all the big things booked and out of the way so I think it will be okay, but like Brenda I'm most concerned about things I'm not responsible for like the guys tuxes and such. FI is also supposed to making the chuppah (wedding canopy) and his mom will then make the fabric cover for it, which has not even been started on....soooooo there's that (and that is pretty important!)

    What all do you still have left to do? I'd say just sort them out in order of importance and see what all you can get through between now and then. If the last couple items aren't very important then it probably won't matter if they don't end up getting done!

    ~ Trish Finfer

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    I've got all of the big things pinned down. The only big item that I've been having the toughtest time with is the hair and makeup. Other than that, it's all small details but I'm such a detail-oriented person that those are things that I notice the most I guess.

    Overall, I'm excited and ready for the big day to get here!
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