Vendor Reviews!!!

Venue: Vista on Seward Hill...A+, absolutely perfect!  People couldnt stop talking about how perfect it was!  Anthony wasnt the easiest person to get to respond to my many many emails before the wedding, but he pulled everything together perfectly!  And he was an AMAZING DJ!  Plus, they let us bring in our own alcohol from specs, so we saved a ton of money.  We had 150 guests and the venue was the PERFECT size and had the best rain plan (luckily we didnt need it!)...I am still sooo in love with this place, Larry and Siodonne were just great to work with, they really care about the brides and making your wedding everything you dreamed of!

Caterer: A+, Austin Catering.  Tiffany was amazing, our guests LOVED the food and she really did a lot of extras for us too (like putting out the programs and setting everything up for us!)  She worked with us on budget and food selection too!  She was so good about answering my questions straight away and putting up with all my requests!

Florist: A, Rebecca Fountain with the Glass Fountain...she did such a great job and was so cheap...the flowers were amazing and everyone raved about our centerpieces.  People couldnt believe how great the flowers were for the price, plus she threw in a ton of extras and really went above and beyond!

Transportation:  Carey...D-...awful, awful, awful.  Terrible to get ahold of, Kandi was incredibly flaky, never answered emails, and never called me back.  The price was good, but we booked 2 continuous shuttles to run all night but they didnt run continuous...all of our guests were all left stranded for about 20 min after the wedding...I called the company but it took me 4 tries to even get through and then she blantantly lied to me on the phone (saying she had just talked to the bestman and that the shuttles were there).  This was the only part of our wedding that didnt go well, so I know I shouldnt complain too much, but I was just so disappointed.  Also, my grandparents wanted to leave before 10:30 (the end of the event) and the shuttles were nowhere to be found so my uncle had to leave the wedding and borrow our getaway car to take them back to the hotel.  DO NOT use this company!  Oh, and they also charged me for 3 shuttles instead of 2 shuttles which took countless phone calls to get sorted out.  This is the only thing I would change if I could.

Photographer: B, Ron Parks, I havent seen the photos yet, but the bridals were great... I felt like we were rushed the pictures a bit and he didnt want to do an extended family picture when my dad asked him to take one, but otherwise, he did wonderful.

Dress: A+++  I got it at a bridal salon in Houston (where I live) called Venturas, but it was Maggie Sottero and I absolutely loved it...it was like it was made just for me and was everything i could ever imagine!

Hair/Makeup: KAG A++++  they were amazing!  everyone Looked soo great...after my bridals all my family / friends said that i had never looked better, then somehow, they even topped themselves and I looked even better at the wedding!  Kelly somehow read my mind (I am no good at hair/makeup or even knowing how to say what I wanted) and she managed to make me look perfect!

Cake: A, Round Rock Donuts (Lonestar Bakery) made our cakes...for the price we wanted, we couldnt have gotten a better and great tasting cake anywhere!  The ladies working there are so sweet too!

Tuxes: Men's Wearhouse, my now husband and all his guys looked fantastic, so A!

Bridesmaid dresses; A++ from White house black market...the girls looked so amazing, they flattered all the different body types and heights... and they are actually dresses the girls all loved and can wear again.

Hotel: Radisson...A+, by FAR the best deal in downtown austin, great location, Ashley was a breeze to work with!

Rehearsal dinner: B, Stubbs BBQ downtown ... it was really really loud so hard to hear, plus the only restroom in the place was apparently in our private area (the downstairs section)...we also felt rushed as they had an 8:30 pm concert that night.

Overall, the day was just perfect though!

Re: Vendor Reviews!!!

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    Glad to hear that your day was amazing! You're the first person I've ever heard have an issue with Ron Parks. We almost booked him but felt he was a bit overpriced. We ended up with Whitney Lee and couldn't be happier!
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    Congrats!! Please post some pics when you get a chance, so that we can see how everything ended up!
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    Overall he was great, I was just being a bit nitpicky...he did work with us on budget and help us with some 'extras', and I am sure I will love him even more once I see the pictures, which he is hopefully posting any day now:)
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    i have the same issue with carey as well!!  They are CRAP!!  Sorry to hear that!  I was hoping that mine was just a fluke but I guess not.  I hope you are having better getting your money back than I am.  They suck.

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