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Ahhh where do I start!

I am told I should find a venue first, but I dont even know how to look, where to look, or what I am even looking for!
I think I want to get married in a church, a small (but will seat 200 guests) church, quaint church, in or around Austin. My fiance's minister will marry us where ever we decide.
Then I want something simple and pretty for the reception.
My dad will not give me a budget so I am setting it at $10,000 and want to see how that goes.
Therefore, venues need to be inexpensive.
Where do I look?!?!?!?!
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Re: Ahhh where do I start!

  • akg0053akg0053 member
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    Well, since you've already worked out the budget, and it sounds like 200 is your guest list amount (which, by the way, will drive the cost of the wedding up just FYI) it sounds like you have it somewhat started.

    I would just do a google search of churches in or around the Austin area, and look at some pictures, etc. Find some you like, then call and ask if you can take a tour. Bear in mind two things: 1. quaint might equal cramped, so make sure there is enough space to hold your 200 guests without it feeling cramped, and 2. some churches might have an issue with you bringing in an outside minister. 

    Happy planning!
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  • thethompsthethomps member
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    You might look at the Smith Family Chapel at Riverbend.  It is quaint, dark wood, limestone, should fit your amount of guests and they will let you bring in an outside minister. 
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  • laleighmoorelaleighmoore member
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    Look at Camp Lucy... They have a chapel onsite that was actually brought over from vietnam that missionaries built there a long time ago, they do not hold services there or anything now but it IS a church with a very unique history and you could bring whoever you want to do the ceremony.
    200 is a big guest list so $10k is going to be a squeeze. We are expecting about 80 people since we are getting married on a Sunday and our $10k is tough.

    Good luck!
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    Baptist Children's Chapel in Round Rock is really pretty, quaint, small, no mic's needed and easily holds 200. Cheap too!
  • laleighmoorelaleighmoore member
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    I thought of that one too I just wasnt sure what the capacity was bc i know its smaller.
    I saw pics of it when we were thinking of using Heritage Oaks Clubhouse in Georgetown and fi didnt want people/cars passing during our ceremony. We didn't like that they wanted to approve the music you played considering we are not very religious the closest I was willing to go was Rascal Flatts "God Blessed the Broken Road" we hit a dead end there when Fi said he hates that group lol.
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    [QUOTE]Baptist Children's Chapel in Round Rock is really pretty, quaint, small, no mic's needed and easily holds 200. Cheap too!
    Posted by kellster22[/QUOTE]

    THIS. i really LOVE the way it looks from the outside. we were going to go with it but we wanted everything at the same site.
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    Regarding your budget: We had about 150 guests and our budget was $10k. We ended up going over to $11,500, but it was because of two things- I fell in love with an expensive dress and our venue was over $4k (nothing included). Looking back, I would've chosen a different, less expensive venue and put the money toward something else. We also gave our favorite vendors generous tips so that added another $1k to the budget. I think $10k is definitely doable for 200 guests depending how you allocate your funds.  Choose what 3 or so things are most important to you (flowers, photography, food, music, cake, whatever) and see where you can cut back elsewhere.

    Here is a good compilation of Austin venues: http://sites.google.com/site/austinknotties/venueinfo
  • sheadaysheaday member
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    $10,000 for a complete wedding with 200 guests doesn't sound do-able in my opinion. Unless you do a dessert or app dinner instead of full meal.

    Look at venues who offer off season discounts- typically July & August and Dec-Feb. Or places like Zilker Clubhouse and Mayfield Park. Renting a venue alone will run you $2500-$5000 for a Saturday night.
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    I am going to agree on the 10,000 not being a big enough budget for your wedding of 200 guests. If you want something pretty nice, you are going to need to raise the budget or lower your guest count. That only leave $50 dollars a head...which is not too much per person... you can have it somewhere cheap, but they usually don't include the tables, or chairs, or anything else. And that all adds up!
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    look around Kyle, Kerrville, Comfort, found so many cute places there that are probably less expensive since its further away from Austin
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