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Hey Guys, 

I was wondering how far in advance you booked your hair and make up stylist for you, the family and bridal party? Also, how long does it usually take for each person. I am trying to decide if we will have time to do it on-iste before the wedding or if I should do this at the salon or another location, before getting to the venue. 


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    I booked with Keep Austin Gorgeous and I did a trial run (of course I paid) when I did my engagment photos and then booked with them that day after being satisfied with the results.  That was about 6 months out from the wedding.  I was worried about booking with an individual at my venue because I am getting married in the winter and worried about them getting sick or something happening, at least with a salon there are other people that can cover.  I have been in weddings where they do the on-site as well as at the salon and actually prefered the salon.  I dont know if its just going to a hair salon, and it doesn't feel as cramped or what but it was more comfortable especially for a larger party.  I guess it really depends on the amount of room at your venue.  Hope that helps.
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    Thanks so much that does help. We have a large suite for my girls and me so I thought it might be easier to do it on site. Smile
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