First 100 degree day is on my wedding day!!

I am getting married this weekend and it's forecasted to be in the 100's! I am really freaking out about it right now. We are having our ceremony outdoors at 6pm. Thankfully, it is in the shade.. but still. What else can I do to help my guests? We are supplying ice cold water bottles and programs that double as fans for the ceremony. After the ceremony (which is expected to be about 30 minutes long) the guests can move indoors where it is airconditioned.

I am most worred about my fiance and his groomsmen. They have to be standing up and wearing tuxes.

What a nightmare! I knew it would be hot, but I didn't expect this. Average temperatures for this tme of year are in the upper 80's, not 100's!

Re: First 100 degree day is on my wedding day!!

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    Nothing can ruin your day. You have done all that you can do. It is 30 minutes... shade, towards evening, water and fans. Stop freaking out and enjoy, simply enjoy your day!  As my grannie used to say - it is what it is, child. The day will be perfect!
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    I think its great that you will have pre-ceremony refreshments for your guests, and they will be seated in the shade. That's about all you can do besides moving the whole thing inside.

    Enjoy your wedding day, and know that you have been the best hostess possible given the circumstances. Everything will be fine!
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    1. Take a breath. There is nothing you can do about the weather. To be honest, you chose to have an outdoor event in June in Texas, so you ran the risk of this happening (just like I run the risk of having a blizzard on my wedding day in December, which does and can happen). What average temperatures are and what the weather actually does on any given day are two very different things because the weather has a mind of its own.

    2. Your idea for the cold water, fans, and seating in the shade are about all you can do, and as a guest to a wedding this weekend that's outdoors, I (as well as all of your other guests) appreciate it. Just try to keep your wedding party hydrated.

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    I think what you're doing is great. The fans, water and food. Your guests will be appreciative. I've never been to a wedding that had refreshments before the ceremony. Relax and it will be just fine. Congrats!!

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    Like the pps said, you can't control the weather.  I held my breath when my February wedding approached, and decided not to have it outdoors to mitigate some (but not all of) the worry.  It sounds like you've done all that you can short of moving the ceremony inside (if it's an option?).  If not, is there anywhere the guests can wait until the last possible moment to be seated?  I know some guests arrive up to 30 minutes early, and that means they'll be out in the heat for that much longer.

    Also, I think "average temperature" includes temperature measurements at all times of day, including evening.  So, the 70 degree temps at night average with the high temps during the day to get the 80 degree average.  It's best to look at the average highs and average lows.  I know this isn't helpful info for you now, tickledpink, but hopefully it'll be helpful for someone else who is still planning! 

    Good luck and let us know how it goes!
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    Soooo.... I'm dying to hear, how did it go?  I'm getting married NEXT weekend and I've been stalking the weather channel and praying for a cold front (I know, I know... not a chance).  We even went to go look at  big fans from the party rental place.  They were only $35 for anyone who's considering this.  We'll go there if we have to, but they were pretty ugly.  : )

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    Well, the wedding was yesterday and it was beautiful! It only ended up being 90 degrees, but it was SO humid that it felt like 100. We were fine, but sweaty. The guests said it was fine, though. I think it was mainly the wedding party that suffered, because we had to take a lot of pictures and were standing up for a long time. It was gorgeous thought and I was so happy with everything!

    If the humidity wasn't there, it would have been perfect. During the ceremony I could feel sweat run down legs! Ew. DH was pretty sweaty, too, but hey... it was what it was and in the end the heat wasn't a big deal.

    Good luck Jenn!
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