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Hi Ladies, 
Just wanted to vent a little... I am having the hardest time finding the right outdoor venue on a budget! My fiance and I are paying for all of this on our own, so our budget is very limited. Ahhh! Just makes you want to scream! Thanks for listening! 

Re: venue frustration!

  • How many guests are you planning to invite?  There are several venues available that you could rent and come in under budget.  The French Legation and Caswell House have reasonable rates.  Also, I used Donna Foster with Central Market (main location) to do my flowers.and saved almost $1000 compared to other florists' quotes.  HTH.
  • Have you checked out Chapel Dulcinea??  Free chapel, $100 deposit, beautiful but small. 
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  • Thank you ladies! I have checked all those out. I have been working hard and I got one venue to take more than 3000 off!!!!!!!!!! I am going this weekend with my fiancé to check it out. I do love the French Legation. I'll check that out too! I'll also check into Central Market when I start looking at flowers! Thanks so much, any budget advice I GREATLY appreciate!
  • We almost went with Ruby Ranch Lodge in Buda. It was very cheap  but ended up being too small for us. Very pretty outdoor ceremony site though!
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  • try mercury hall. it's beautiful. thats where alot of our friends have done budget weddings
  • I made 6 trips to Austin looking for a venue before my dad decided he would rather spend money fixing up our old barn for my wedding. I did extensive research on venues. You don't mention your budget, but have you looked at Heritage Oaks Clubhouse in Georgetown? That was the most reasonable place that I found. You can have your ceremony outside near a pond but the reception hall is really beautiful. They also have a porch that runs on two sides if you wanted to have a reception outside, but the inside is really beautiful. You can rent the whole place for the day for about $1,500.
  • Hey there!

    Definitely look at Le San Michele. They rent out their beautiful gardens for $350/hour with a 3 hour minimum and it is just BEAUTIFUL out there. 

    If you are looking for an afforable florist, our prices can't be beat. We use a local wholesaler here and we don't have to charge our clients much because we don't have a lot of overhead. We are certied florists and we only do floral for weddings. 

    Let me know if you have any other questions or if there is anything we can help you with!

    Crissalane Discher, Certified Wedding Planner
  • Look at Brushy Creek Community Center in Round Rock.  They have a great indoor/outdoor space.  And it very resonable.  I would actually recommend checking out community centers-they have resonable rates and they rent regardless of membership in the community.
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