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Postage for Invitations & Hand Cancelling Thoughts

I know there is such a thing called hand-cancelling the invites so that they do not have to go through the machine. I have also read on the boards that even if you get your invites hand cancelled they still go through an additional 3 machines any way. Also, I asked at the Norman post office about it and they said that it costs .20 cents per envelope in a hand-cancelling charge. My invitations will be light no RSVP's on the inside but they will have a ribbon flat at the top. I just wanted to get some local thoughts on this whole hand cancelling thing and what others experiences were with robboned invitations and the mail.

Re: Postage for Invitations & Hand Cancelling Thoughts

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    Hand cancelling is free. I had mine cancelled at the Norman post office on gray st. Just take them in batches of 20-30 at a time when they're not busy. It is purely a cosmetic thing. The still go through machines, but the little round hand cancelled stamp looks better. I think during holidays and such, you do not want a snowman on your wedding invite.
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    Ditto Spam--there's no charge for hand cancelling and they do still go through the machine.  We didn't do hand cancelling, our invites had an RSVP postcard and a ribbon with a bow around the front for what it's worth, and they made it through the mail fine. It's really your call, just don't let them charge you for it!
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    It's free. I did mine at the airport post office. There's never anyone there, great service! Mine went out on a Saturday, and were all the way to california by Monday! Very good customer service...the office on 89th and Penn told me to go there. And, they looked great...I went over and looked at my grandma's.
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    Ladies, thanks for the information. I really appreciate it.
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