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Hey girls!! For those of you that are interested, I just did some major updating to my bio. It has some DIY stuff and just other things about me and my plans for the wedding. If you care to look and comment I would really appreciate it, I just spent forever getting it together and felt like I needed to share it with someone!! Just click on my name to view it. Thanks!!

Re: Bio Update

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    Very nice, your wedding is going to be beautiful!  You got engaged on my birthday and 1 day after our wedding :o)Our wedding was also at Thunderbird Chapel--good choice!  And we got our flowers (daisies) from Sams too, I think you'll be really happy with them.
  • caseybunchcaseybunch member
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    The story of how you guys met is so cute! I love your cake and the chapel is gorgeous!
  • lauly06lauly06 member
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    everything looks great! You are well on your way to planning a beautiful wedding!
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