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I'm afraid I'm going to cry

This has been such an emotional rollercoaster for me and my groom getting this wedding together. My wedding is in a month from today and I'm really afraid I'm going to cry as I walk down the aisle. Like tears streaming down my face...

Re: I'm afraid I'm going to cry

  • spacepixiespacepixie
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    Why?! Is everything OK? I hope you mean tears of joy, but that wasn't my first impression....
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    Aw. sweetie!  Just remember - you love this man!  Let us know if you need anything!  I'm sure anyone on here would be willing to help take whatever stress off we can!
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    Hey guys! Sorry it took so long coming back to the board *lol* but I've been so busy ! Oh no everything with my hubby to be is awesome! It's just been a roller coaster for us because we don't have much family and nobody is helping us at all! I mean we are paying for EVERYTHING and we are planning everything as well. So while we are paying for everything people try telling us what to do because they keep saying "its your special day and you only do it once and you need to do this and this!"  example: we are ordered our wedding cake from Wal-mart. I know thats lame. But we just want to be married and have a casual wedding.  Well Groom's Dad freaked out and said we need to order from a "real" bakery! We told him its a little last minute to do that and it would cost way more.  He seemed put out. But he's not paying for anything at all! Its just things like that. If it was just me and Groom....everything would be amazing. We were just going to get our license and do court house wedding when this all first started. But our family and friends flipped and didnt support that. So now we are having this big production that is out of our budget. Everything is coming together now though. We talked to our pastor just a few days ago and went over the ceremony and he chose what he was goign to say and etc.    But I just know when I walk down the aisle I'm going to see my groom and we are both gonna know what we been through and its going to be emotional. I'm excited though! Just two more weeks!

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