Lansbrook Event Center-Reviews???

I'm a little new to this, so please work with me. 

Our wedding is in December and we are having the ceremony and reception at Lansbrook Event Center. When we first picked Lansbrook, we picked it because we fell in love with the options we could have with everything. I also loved the first woman that was "taking care" of us. The first 6 months of this year, everything went smoothly and just fine. At the end of July I received a phone call from them wanting me to make a payment over the phone. The girl that called I had never met or talked to before. She informed me that my favorite there had left. Of course I was bummed but what can you do! I informed the new girl that I would be by in a couple weeks to make my final payment and to look over everything again. I called last week to set up a time to go look and yet another new person answered the phone. This woman told me that Lansbrook had changed ownership and the other people were no longer there. I was a bit stressed to say the least! So FI and i decided to go meet her face to face to make sure everything was still okay in our contract. Upon meeting her, come to find out, the previous manager or whoever she was took a bunch of peoples money (including mine) and ran. Plus our contract was all kinds of messed up. We did make our final payment to this new owner, but now I'm having second thoughts and stressing out wondering if she has duped us too.

All in all, I would like to hear if anyone has heard of any of this from someone or what type of reviews you have on them? I'm seriously considering getting an attorney to look at our contract and see if we can get our money back, but then we are looking at starting over on our wedding venue with only 2-1/2 months to go!!! Please help!!!!

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    Its funny because I looked into this place to have our December wedding and something in my gut told me to pass.......now I know why!
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    Oh no, so sorry to hear this!  I've never been to anything there, or heard anything about it, but I hope you are able to get everything worked out! 
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    Well I'm hoping for the best to come out in all of this. But I will say that I'm glad you didn't book there, Annodam328! I finally was able to get in touch with the current "owner/manager" today. I hope it goes as well as she is stating it will.

    Thanks Brandif1026, I hope it all works out too!!

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    Hi MissAwesome1250,

    I actually recently looked into having my wedding at the Lansbrook event center. I loved the place and thought the woman I met was very nice, but this comment is making me a little nervous....how have things been going over the past couple of months? If you wouldn't mind letting me know, I'd really appreciate it, thanks!


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