HELP! How much should I pay for a Wedding Planner?

I'm trying to figure out how much Wedding Planner's should cost. I didn't use one (big mistake) but now my sister is getting married and my job is to start the search for one.  I've found several but I don't want her to overpay.

Ideas?  We are looking at prices for a Day of Planner and possibly more.

Thanks girls!

Re: HELP! How much should I pay for a Wedding Planner?

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    You should check out www.embellishedweddingsok.com. Amanda is incredible and I highly recommend her. Her prices are way better than the majority of wedding planners!
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    I am using Amanda Taylor && Alex Simon with Embellished Weddings and so far they have been wonderful!

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    If you haven't already picked one:


    this is about as cheap as it's going to get! I know The Riley Group, great people.
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    I'm using Allyson Vinzant (you can just google her) and her prices were by far the best that I found. She was one of the only ones I talked to who didn't turn her nose up at my budget. I had TWO different planners tell me that they didn't do wedding that had budgets less than 30K and were really rude!

    Hope you find someone great for your sister!
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