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How is your bridal party walking down the aisle?

Just wondering how your wedding party will be walking down the aisle. Are you having the groomsmen and bridesmaids walk down together? Are the groomsmen going to be standing up front with the groom? Will only the best man be standing with the groom?

Re: How is your bridal party walking down the aisle?

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    The BM stood up with the groom, the other GM (BILs) escorted the mothers at the beginning of the processional, and the bridesmaids walked alone.
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    I am having a mixed gender WP, so there will be two male-female couples walking together, but it will be two of his attendants and then two of my attendants.  Then the honor attendants by themselves.
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    We had our bridesmaids in black and the groomsmen in white, so I wanted them to walk down the aisle together for the full effect of the contrast.  We had uneven sides and mixed genders, so it went like this:

    Bridesman and groomswoman
    My two sisters and his brother
    My two female friends and his male friend
    MOH and best man
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    Escort bringing down my grandma (widowed), other usher bringing down my Fiance's grandfather (also widowed).

    Followed by parents, mine then his.

    Flower girl/ring bearer

    Maid of honor and best man (our children from previous relationships)

    Matron of honor and best man.
    Then Bride.

    Groom will be standing in front waiting with officiant.

    Hope this helps. :-)
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    Groom and best man stand down front
    Bridesmaids and Groomsmen together
    Matron of honor
    ringbearer/flower girl

    Recessional the same (reversed) except the Matron of honor and best man walk out together
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    I was thinking of having groom stand up there with the judge and his best man and two groomsmen, then have my maid of honor and two bridesmaids walk down, followed by the ringbearer, flower girl, then my dad and I. :)
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    The groom  best man and groomsmen will all be up at the front with the officiant.

    Our respective parents will walk in just before the music starts, likely his then mine,

    then the BM's and MOH

    We don't have a flower girl or a ring bearer,

    And I will be giving myself away :)
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