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Walking down the aisle alone

My mother raised me on her own. My father has always been a part of my life, but really never lived up to the role of a father. I definitely feel like he shouldn't walk me down the aisle. If I have my mom walk me down it will be very clear that I purposefully chose against my father since both of them will be at the wedding.

To solve this dilemma I have decided to just walk by myself. I'm 35 years old and it doesn't make much sense for anyone to "give me away" anyway. Are any of you in the same position? Have you ever been to a wedding where the bride walked alone?
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Re: Walking down the aisle alone

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    I have been to more than one wedding where the bride walked alone, including mine (last year). Honestly, it's not all that unusal.  Enjoy!
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    I personally think the "being given away" bit is antiquated, so I wouldn't go for it, myself. It's nice if people want to be walked by their father, mother, or whoever, but I don't think it's necessary. I've seen brides walk themselves down the aisle. My fiance suggested we walk together... though in the end, we're not having a traditional wedding, so there's no aisle to walk down.
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    My dad died after 9/11 and after that I knew I'd walk alone. For me it was different as no one could replace him. But I agree with you... I got married at 41 and definitely didn't need to be given away. And that way it won't cause any I'll feelings between your mom and father. Another option is to have your FI meet you halfway down the aisle. We did this unintentionally (for some reason I stopped before the end of the aisle) and it wound up being a nice touch.
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    I've seen weddings where this was done.  Looks like a lot of us have!

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    My father died when I was a teenager. It brought my mom, brother and I very close to each other. So I'm going to have my mom and brother walk me down the aisle.
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