fun wedding venue for a cheapskate bride?

Hey all,

I'm in need of some help. I'm in the middle of searching for a venue in Oklahoma City, but I'm hitting walls rather than finding ones I want to decorate, and even after pouring over the posts here on locales, I'm still stuck.

 We're inviting about 250 people, but my fiancee has a lot of family that live on the east coast, so we're expecting more like 170-200. We're shooting for a spring wedding sometime in 2013 (we're not picky on that) somewhere inside. My only thing is I don't want to get married in a hotel or spend a godawful amount of cash.

I'm considering the Farmer's Market for all the stuff you get with it (setup, teardown, DJ, all-day use, stocked bar, ect) but I don't want to spend a ton of cash.

So, I put it to you, women of Oklahoma City--any suggestions on a fun, quirky place to have a reception and/or wedding?

Or, if you've had a wedding at the Farmer's Market, how was the experience?

Thanks for any and all help!

Re: fun wedding venue for a cheapskate bride?

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    Im getting married at the Festivities Event Center in El Reno. Were paying udner $1500 for a sunday wedding! It does not include much they do provide the tables and chairs and you have use to the facility all day. They also have tons of bar options available and prefered caters, djs, photographers etc that they give you a list of that make planning a wedding so much easier. You can rent linens from them or center pieces as well! The only thing that is a downfall to me but we could deal with is they do not set up or tear down at all you can pay extra for them to take care of the items they provided for you but anything that is not theirs they will not touch. The people that own the venue are amazing and have be so great so far and were getting married in 3 months. They have open houses first tuesday of every month! Were doing an outside wedding and an indoor reception but u do have the option to do inside wedding and reception. Were having around 130 guests but they said they have fit 200 before !

    The Eve Center in OKC is also not a bad option a friend of mine got married there and it cost her $3000 you have all day rental as well. The provide the table cloths tables and chairs. They have a cash bar available. Thats all i really know about that place its really nice and both the wedding and reception would be inside! Its located off western between I240 and 89th street!

    Also might want to check into the Civic Center, Will Rogers Theater, if you want to go super cheap i also know of someone who rented out the whole local community center for a day and decorated it how they wanted and made it look awesome and they got it for under $400 dollars.

    Hope that helps a little
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    Express has an event center, you can email them for more details. They seemed reasonable, I can't remember the main email. I was very quickly responded to by  Corle.Pierce@ExpressPros.com with prices, how many people a room could accommodate, etc. I am not utilizing them, but it's another option I try to pass on.
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