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I am looking for a uniuqe venue in the OKC area for an April wedding.  I want a place that the ceremony and reception can be held in the same place but not the typical all inclusive chapel.  I am on a budget of $7000 absolute max for the venu(including food, not flowers, decor or alcohol, thats a seperate budget) for approx 100 people.   I've looked at two winerys, Clauren RIdge and Redstone. Old Trinity in Paseo. Creekside in Edmond. Any reviews on these?? Thanks!!!

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    I'm getting married at Creekside next weekend.  So far everything has gone really smoothly.  The coordinator, Gene, has been very helpful and I'm confident everything will go as planned.  You can message me after the 22nd and I can tell you have the day of went.

    Congrats :)

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