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help!! adelphias vs luciens

I went and saw Luciens on Saturday and loved everything about, the price was a little higher than I would like but they said they are willing to work with me. This is the only place we have looked because my fiance really wants to have the reception here, do you think it is a good idea to just check out other places to be sure I am getting a lot for my money?  Has anyone had/been to a recent wedding at Adelphias? We think of it more of a bar scene than a wedding venue...anyone have any thoughts!!?
oh and Luciens only has one day left avaiable for the time we want to have the wedding so we have to decide like this week!

Re: help!! adelphias vs luciens

  • They are both very nice venues!! There is a seperate enterance for the adelphias ball room so your guests wont have to go through the resturant and the bar/ club area!  It is very nice just like the pictures they have on their website.  But me and my fiance only visited one place thats because we know the owner and we looked at other placess on line and asked for their pricing lists and they were all too expensive for us! 
  • Hi there - I got married at Adelphia and I can't say enough great things about it!

    Here are my thoughts:

    1.  The wedding coordinator was great!  The price includes your choice of table linens, chair covers, cake, dessert bar, ice sculpture, and centerpieces.  Lucien's is definetely more pricey than this place.  

    2.  We used the upstairs ballroom for the wedding & reception.  The room to the right of the wedding hall is where they placed the cocktail hour.  Since our wedding was in late summer it was really pretty and our guests sat mostly outside.  The put up a wall in between the restaurant and this area so  it is more private.  I am not sure where they place guests if it is too cold to use the outside patio.

    3.  The downstairs bridal suite is awesome for touch-ups and even to get ready in

    4. This place does have many events going on at the same time so it is really tight with timing.

    PM me if you need any other information!

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