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ceremony question

How many people are walking down the isle to the Wedding March? Here's my problem....I really like Canon in D much better but when I was telling my mom about it she got all upset. I guess it doesn't really matter which song is played but I was just wondering if people even use it anymore?

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    It is your wedding so you should be happy with your song selection.  There are so many beautiful songs out there to choose from, both traditional and modern.  If you love Canon in D then use it!  I am using Andre Campre Rigaudon because I love it. My sister used Te Deum (don't remember the composer). 
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    I'm using canon in D for the bridal party and trumpet voluntary for myself.  I don't like bridal march or bridal recession, so we aren't using either!
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    I am doing the same thing as jes003. If you like the song, I say go for it! On the day of your wedding, you mom will probably be so happy and teary-eyed that she won't even think about the song choice! :-)
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