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who rides in limo?

hey girls, i'm trying to figure out what size limo i need - who do you have riding in the limo from the church to the reception? just the bridesmaids and groomsmen? what about parents? any others? tia!

Re: who rides in limo?

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    It depends on what you can afford.  I usually see the bride and groom and their bridal party in the limo (which is what we are doing). However, I have seen just the bride and groom in a classic car and the bridal party drive in their own cars and I have also seen where the bride and groom get a big party van or trolley in which they, their bridal party and parents all go in for a ride.
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    Uaually bride, groom and bridal party. The paernts usually get to the cocktail hour so they are like hosting until the b&g get there. You can do whatever you want and are comfortable with I have also seen the b&g in there own or clasic car like pp said and also have seen a whole seperate party bus for parent aunt/uncles and grandparents.
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    We got a limo bus for us and the bridal party.  The parents will be driving to the church and then to the reception hall b/c it b/w the bridal party will be going somewhere else for pictures.We were gonna do both but we wanted to be with everyone else.
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