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Dress Shopping Next Weekend!

I made an appointment at a bridal salon for next Saturday. :)

It feels crazy early for it, but my mom and sisters will be in town. I only get to see them a few times a year, so I have to take advantage of right now.

I'm not going to buy anything, though. I want to buy the dress in Ohio, where I think the prices will be slightly less rediculous.

Re: Dress Shopping Next Weekend!

  • Yay!!! That sounds like so much fun!! Enjoy the time with your mom and sister! And who knows, maybe the salon will be having an irresistable sale on a dress you love!! Its NEVER too early to dress shop:)
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  • I've gone a few times because I always knew what I wanted. I allowed the sales people to put me in what they thought I would look good in and got SO FRUSTRATED! Finally I went to David's Bridal because I felt like it would be less pressure and fell in LOVE with WG9871. It is a trumpet satin gown with buttons down the back. It is EXACTLY what I've been wanting and it's only $400. You may find the one you want so make sure you sneak A LOT of pictures to keep in mind which styles you preferred! Good Luck and remember to HAVE FUN!!!!
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  • Good luck and have fun with your mom and sister. And its NEVER to early to start shopping for your dress. For most of us girls this is kinda the ONE thing that truly matters. So have fun look around and take TONS of pics as you will need them to make your decision but im sure all of us who arent shopping yet would love to see the pics as well. I wont start dress shopping till just after the new year as im a funny size so I know ill need a few alterations. Im so excited and seeing your post got me even more excited. Congrats and have fun and again we would LOVE LOVE LOVE to see pics when you get done!!!
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  • Best of luck and have fun with your family.

    I told myself I wouldn't buy a dress until next spring, but I went looking back in September and ended up finding my dress - oops!
  • The goal with this trip is to find out what style I look good in. I'm not what you would call a girly-girl. I have no concept of what is going to look good on me.

    ...okay, and maybe I want to play dress up a bit.
  • Nah not crazy early.  I already had my dress within two months of my engagement...I didn't expect to buy anything but I was at a sample sale and found a deal I couldn't pass up on a dress that fit me and worked for my ceremony.  Hope you had some luck and got a good idea of what style you want!
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  • Well, that was interesting! I did not come home with a dress. I was a bit overwhelmed, TBH. Also, I was annoyed that the saleslady and manager tried a very obvious trick on me. If the manager can't tell a $6000 dress from a $2000 dress with two different designers, she would have no business running a bridal salon! Also, no telling me I "have" to wear earings.

    Aside from that nonsense, the trying on of dresses was weird. There was one dress that made my mom and sisters gush over how amazing I looked, but I hated it. The one I liked, they were neutral about. Unfortunately, the store didn't have anything in a specific style I was looking for (think Maggie Sottero "Candice"), so I still don't know how I look in that.

    The good thing about starting so early is I'm nowhere near decision crunch time.

  • I also found my dress already. its not too early its just spreading out the spending :)
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