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New to this..booked wedding at flanders..need advice!

Hello fellow knotties!
We have booked our wedding for next June at the Flanders hotel in ocean excited and love this place! 
First has anyone had any experience with them?

I need help with finding a photographer, dj, flowers and bakery!
For a photographer I have no idea what to budget...I don't want anything crazy expensive..not opposed to the idea of just getting a cd and printing myself to save some $

I want a killer dj that will everyone up and dancing! Budget 1000-1200?

Thanks in advance!

Re: New to this..booked wedding at flanders..need advice!

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    DJ's Available falls within your budget (if you're actually budgeting $1000-1200).  They have about a dozen different DJs to choose from.  They also have live musicians and do lighting services.
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    Thank you. I am willing to spend a bit more for a DJ...because that is one the most important things for me.
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    We are using DiNardo Bros for DJ, they got the highest recommendations from our photographer, videographer, and florist.  And I figure they know more about the business than I do! : )

    For photographer we are using Marc Anthony Photography.  He is really great and I thought, very affordable.

    For florist, Mums the Word in Marton. 

    I should have mentioned my ceremony in in OC, so my photog and florist are going there.  My recpetion is back closer to home, so DJ is not traveling to shore, but I know they will. : )

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    I'm using DJ Your Way with Chris. He's amazing! Awesome personality, great voice, enthusiastic, and he mixes too. He was $1100.
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    On the Philly board someone just posted something about the Dinardo Brothers. They weren't thrilled with their experience however I know their are other bride using them.

    You could also try Synergetic Sound. They are right around your budget and you get two DJ's for the night. They also do lighting as well.

    I would recommend MPW Media Group. Ask for Roel. Here's a link to check out their work:

    I'm still looking for a florist so I don't have a recommendation on that one.

    Congratulations on picking the date & place. Enjoy the rest!

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    For a photographer...we're using Inger from keepsake studios.  she does a fantastic job (3rd time we're using her) and shes really easy to work with for budgets, etc.  She actually has a deal going on if you mention her internet ad.  Check out her website for the details cause I don't remember them all.

    For a DJ, we're using Lou from Dynamic Crew.  He's actually cheaper than your budget, and also fantastic (3rd time using him too!)  His DJ's are extremely talented and do an amazing job.  They really get EVERYONE up and having fun.  He even got my brother to dance for my bat-mitzvah and his bar-mitzvah and my brother DOESNT dance!  check out his website:

    For a florist, we're using John from County Seat Florist.  I can't even begin to say enough things about this man.  He got my image right away, and went did an amazing job on our mock-up of a centerpiece.  Plus, if you do the whole thing with him (ceremony and reception), you get a break and he cuts the prices of things for you.  So our centerpieces that would have been $120 at other florists, are $60 for tall and $55 for short.  Def check out the website.  he was the best priced and nicest in this area.

    For cake, we're using Christine's Bakery.  He cake was both delicious and very budget friendly.  We're getting cake for ~125 people for $350.  And our flavor is considered an upgrade at other local bakeries, so it's a steal.  Sue is there, and she's so nice and very friendly.  She goes out of her way to make samples for you (they are adorable little cakes) and helps you design the cake the way YOU want it.  She has no website, but shes on tilton road in Northfield, if you just want to stop by like my mom and I did one day.  She has samples for us the day we wanted them.

    And you didn't mention it, but if you're interested in a videographer, check out Jack Otepka Productions.  Him and his wife are very nice and have a good demo reel they show when you meet with them.  Plus, he's cheaper than Martin's video and used to work for them, AND you get the same package more or less.

    HTH...if you need anymore advice...I've got it!  You're wedding is going to beautiful down at Flanders!
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    Thank you everyone for all of the info!!! It is a start:)
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    Synergetic for DJ, they are really good and right within your budget. (I think they might even include lighting within your budget)
    Manic Botanic for florals, they are the best down there and located in Ocean City!
    I like 217 Photography, they are in Philly but will travel, and First Floor Films for video.
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