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Budget for BP gifts

I saw this post on the Philly board and was curious to see what everyone here is spending on their BP. The girls on there were spending on avg. $100pp and I alotted $50. I'm thinking about spending more now but I don't have it in the budget really and I know it's what you have for your budget. Anyway, I was curious to see what you're spending and what you got for everyone.

I got the girls personalized tote bags, make up bag, and a wallet. The guys got personalized northface backpacks. http://www.etsy.com/listing/45617183/personalized-black-microfiber-handbag

Re: Budget for BP gifts

  • Northstar1808Northstar1808 member
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    Oh and how much did you spend for the BM and MOH?
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    I didnt really have a budget, but I've been buying and totalling it all up.  So far for the following its about 38/36 dollars:

    -day of hoodie/tank
    -rhinstones to make the iron ons
    -candle (each in a scent that fits the girl) and a votive
    -bag from the knot cause they were on sale and then i got another discount so they were like 12.99

    and I still wanted to get them something to the put the jewelry in and maybe get them some of my favorite body washes from Philosphy.  So I would say about 50-75 each. 

    and I dont know what special to do for my MOH and FI is in charge of groomsmen and BM. 
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    I think it depends on what you can afford and what you think your girls will like. We are spending between $75-$100

    I'm not big on anything that is given to benefit the bride ex hair and makeup paid for, matching jewelry, anything that says bridesmaid etc. But that's just me and I know my girls would hate something like that and never use it once the wedding is over.

    I got them all $50 Spafinder gift cards
    Instead of a gift bag I got them all a decorative box from Michaels and Homegoods that matches their personality. I'm also going to fill it with things that remind me of them ex. makeup bags, mani/pedi kit, nail polish that reminds me of them, maybe movie tickets and other things that come up along the way.

    With the exception of my sisters (MOH) situation my she is younger and still in HS and doesn't have a lot so I'm picking up her hair and makeup.

    Not sure what FI is doing yet for all of the guys.
  • lmparlettlmparlett member
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    Yeah, I am doing between $50-$75... 

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    I haven't given it a ton of thought yet as to what I'm getting everybody, though I do know I want it individualized.  Right now I figure I will spend $50 at most.  I just do not have it in the budget to go any higher at the moment, not with 7 BMs and 6 GM.
  • Northstar1808Northstar1808 member
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    aneres, that's how I feel too but after seing all thes posts I feel like I should be spending more. Idk...
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    You can do alot of with amount of money. I wouldn't worry about it.  I figure as long as you put thought into the gifts to make sure it fits the BMs individually, they will like it and appreciate it. 
  • sarahawrightsarahawright member
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    We're only spending about $50 per person, too, and having been in 3 weddings, I'm pretty sure the gifts I received at all three cost about that much, too, give or take a little.  Don't feel bad about it!  You're throwing a big, fun party for them to enjoy, too :)

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    I bought them their clutches for the day of and put a cheapy bottle of perfume in there along with $100 gift card to Macy's...so total was probably about $140 each.

    BUT, I only have a MOH and 2 BM's...had I had 4 or 5 girls, I wouldn't have been able to swing a $100 gift card each...

    You do what you can for them...and I also took into account that since there were less of them, it was costing them more money for the shower and bachelorette party, which is always why I spent a little more than I thought I would have in the beginning of the planning.
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    I started out planning only to spend like $50-75 each, but I am starting to see things add up very quickly.  I bought all of my bridesmaids jewelry for the wedding which ended up costing about $35 each, I am picking up the cost of the make up artist (she's a friend so its only costing me $15 per person), I have renting two suites the night before which is costing me $500.  Since they are staying with me I feel that I should feed everyone breakfast the morning of and I was thinking about making them some type of gift bag for their overnight stay.  My MOH is getting a bracelet and necklace from Tiffany's.  I am very interested to see what other people have to say about whether the cost of make up etc... should be picked up by the bride or the bridesmaids.  I struggled with this decision for a while.  I felt bad asking people to pay all of this money to be in my wedding so I just thought it was easier for me to pick up the cost.

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