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Conroy Catering/Laurita Winery in the Off-Season

Hi ladies!

FI and I are in love with Laurita Winery, but the packages Conroy Catering sent us are way out of our price range.  The cheapest package starts at $129pp, not to mention the $4k site fee.

Does anyone know if they offer discounts for the off months?  Or if they negotiate?

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Re: Conroy Catering/Laurita Winery in the Off-Season

  • edited December 2011
    My wedding will be there in the heart of the "in" season (a Saturday in August) and you're right... they're very pricey.
    We were only charged $500 by Laurita... all the rest of the expenses came from Conroy.  They should be quoting you a Guartenteed Revenue Minimum, or GRM, for the dates you're looking at.  The way I understand it is that their menu pricing stays the same but they alter the GRM for different days and times of the year.  For example, our GRM is $23k, but for a Friday in August it was $19k.  This is the amount of money you must spend with Conroy Catering for the event.  It includes the food but if you don't meet it with just the food you can upgrade linens or hors doeurves, add time, or just pick more expensive meals until you meet the minimum.
    I hope this helped some but I didn't ask about the off-season when we met with them.  You should call and set up an appointment... we were lucky and scheduled on a day they did a free tasting! Delicious!!!
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