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Wedding Date Dilemma!

Hi Everyone! 

My fiance and I just got engaged a week ago (exactly). We've been talking about when we'd like to have our wedding and agreed we would like to have a fall wedding. He's a little resistant of planning for next year. Plus we know of at least 4 other weddings already planned for next year. Should we plan for Fall 2012 or wait unitl Fall 2013? We were also thinking about an April wedding, so any thoughts on that would also be appreciated.

Thanks!! :) 

Re: Wedding Date Dilemma!

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    You say you know of at least 4 other weddings next year. The only thing you may want to be concerned about is if they are family members, you may want to consider carefully choosing your date because of logistical issues.

    However, you also need to choose the day that works for you and your Fi. If you really want to get married in the fall of next year, go for it! The only thing you have to remember is if there are weddings of friends and possibly family around the same time as yours, you may get some declines (which you may anyway). If you are ok, with that, then go for it.

    In the end, the date you pick is more than likely going to run into someone else's date or someone else's plans. You just have to do what makes you happy and choose the date that works for you.
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    I vote for next yr or the April date. Waiting for 2 yrs would be tough for me, that is along time to plan and wait for something!

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    There's a few things to take into consideration here.... the first is will it put a strain on your financial situation to plan for a wedding less than a year away as opposed to one that is a full year away. The second is will your preferred vendors be available at either of those times... fall is a very popular time of year to get married now so people book vendors well in advance for those dates and the spring may be too soon to get your first choices. If you do wait until fall and it is around the other weddings you mentioned, it could lead to some declines as a previous poster mentioned but beyond that, again it could cause a financial hardship for not just you and your FI but for some of your guests who may have to attend multiple weddings. I know it's hard to wait the full amount of time until Fall of 2013 but you could always compromise and do Spring of 2013 if you're happy with the spring.... this way you're not waiting an extra 6 months to get married but you also avoid the other problems that come with going with the other dates. Good luck with your planning!
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    Thanks for the input!! It was really helpful. 
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