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To theme or not to theme?

Hi ladies,
Please help, I'm getting married in an Atlantic City venue and have no theme! Do I even need one? I feel like my tastes are all over the place. One thing I like is vintage the other is modern, I'm lost! I already have my dress and I'm pretty set on a color scheme of orange and purple! I also picked flowers they'll be tulips roses and hydrangeas. any ideas or suggestions on what I can do to tie it all together would be appreciated !!

Re: To theme or not to theme?

  • We're not having a theme.... 
    My suggestion is, make a Pinterest, if you dont already have one, and add the vintage/modern things you like.  Add the flowers and colors.  See how the pictures go together.  Does it look like a scrambled mess or do things flow?
  • A theme can be as simple as colors so I think you probably need to revisit your ideas again.

    Don't feel as if you have to have a casino-themed wedding because you're getting married in AC.

    And I agree with the Pinterest account just so you have a collection of materials you can view altogether.  I'm sure it will turn out lovely so don't stress about that.
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