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Im sorry i have to do this

There is no way to delete my count so I must do this becuase i can't handle having it anymore. my fiance cheated on me. so im going to get myself block..... go to hell you stupid ass hole i hate you you fuckin lier 

Re: Im sorry i have to do this

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    I don't understand. This is your first post. Sorry about your fiance.
  • Page Knot Irene on Chit Chat or Etiquette and ask her to help you delete your account. Swearing on this board will get you reported/your post removed, but it won't get you permabanned. 

    If you post on Chit Chat, Hoboken can "ban" you, but that won't delete your account. You won't be able to reply to the message boads, but your profile, favorites, etc will still exist. 
  • Sorry to hear you were engaged to a loser. You're better off; it's better you found out now and not after marrying him.

    You can deactivate your account by emailing the support group.

  • Ditto to what the others said. I'm sorry you are going through this. On the bright side though, at least you found out before he cost you money, and a divorce.
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    You don't have to delete your account. Just stop logging in. Sorry that happened to you.
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