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Wedding Dress Shopping

Hi! I went dress shopping this past weekend and have some reviews to help you decide where to go if needed.

Davids Bridal (Maple Shade Rt 38) - Great customer service. I was very impressed, maybe because I had low expectations. The dresses were great for the money. The bridesmaids dresses definitely weren't quality enough for my taste though.

Bridal Garden (Marlton)- Very attentive and organized and excellent customer service You weren't able to pick out the dresses with the salesperson, but they did an excellent job of choosing the perfect dress for me per my description. This is where I found the dress. Very high quality dresses without the skyrocketing prices. The saleswoman did a great job...even came way under my budget.

Countryway Bridal (Haddonfield) -
Beautiful dresses and a nice shop however they don't turn away walk-ins so you don't get the personalized attention. I found myself waiting a long time for her to help other people before helping me get out of dresses. I did most of the work for myself here...including putting back the dresses. Not the place to get great customer service. The manager was too afraid of offending anyone that she was actually failing to do her job well.

Jay West (Haddonfield) - This store had great customer service, but the selection was really poor. They aren't focused on wedding dresses as much as mother of the bride and prom dresses, so it was pretty much a waste of my time, however my mom did find her dress here.

Priscilla of Boston (Ardmore)-
LOVE THIS STORE! All the dresses here are beautiful and modern. There wasn't a single ugly dress in the store and they have a great vintage/lace selection as well. I love love love one dress in particular at this store...but way out of my budget. As my mom says, its where the CEO's bring their daughters. Definitely great customer service and a great experience...I would go here even if you can't afford anything there. I figured I should go b/c I'll never get a chance to ever again...just went for the experience.

Re: Wedding Dress Shopping

  • nygirl07nygirl07
    edited December 2011
    I agree with all of them... I ended up going with Bridal Garden too...I orignially found my dress at Country Way but didn't like that they didn't give the personalized attention and Bridal Garden matched their price.  They didn't even help me into the gown...the only reason I liked it was b/c I could take pictures b/c nobody was with me :)
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    LOL...every time the woman left the room at Bridal Garden my sister went snap snap with her camera....I hate that rule!
  • edited December 2011
    I made a joke to my sister while at BG about taking a picture of the dress because I knew the rule.  I don't know if the room was bugged or what but my consultant wasn't even in the room and came flying back in to say I couldn't take any pictures.  Very comical to see her freak out the way she did. 

    Meanwhile, at POB, my consultant was the one snapping the pictures of me in the dress!  LOVED my experience there as well.  FYI for those still looking for gowns - POB carries a line called Jewel that is much more budget friendly than the Platinum or Melissa Sweet lines.       
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  • Marcie121775Marcie121775
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    edited December 2011
    Thanks so much for the list!!!

    I need to check Bridal Garden out.  It's right next to the salon that I go to and I'm always curious.

    As far as the picture rule goes, I think it's lame.  My sister was with me at Irma's last weekend - she took about 8-9 pictures before she was finally told to stop.

    What is that all about?
  • edited December 2011
    The picture rule is so that you don't go to another salon or online to buy the dress. Frankly, if a bride knows the designer and style number, then a picture isn't going to stop from ordering someplace else.
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