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Dilemma with Florists...who to chose?? I'm done meeting with florists. I'm just really confused as to who I want. We met with Michael Bruce first and he is absolutely amazing! He has a very creative vision however, he is also very expensive, he was over our budget by 1500 (and it was a very loose quote). Maria from Mums the Word, is also awesome. She really understood our vision and was really excited about our wedding. She was also much more affordable and was over our budget by 300. Lastly, we met John from County Seat Florist. He was good and understood where we were trying to go but I felt like out of the three, he was the one who least understood our vision. However, he was under our budget by 500 which is great! I made sure everyone used the same flowers so that the quotes are generally the same. In order of who I like the most to least is, Michael, Maria, then John but obviously money is the main issue. Please any insight/opinions/advice you girls may have will help greatly. Thank you.

Re: Dilemma with Florists...who to chose??

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    I went with Maria.  But, you're going to have to compromise price or "feeling" on who is going to give life to your vision best.  I would go with someone I could afford, but also someone I am comfortable with and feel secure they are going to get it right.

    See if you can talk Michael Bruce down to Maria's price by saying you got comps, love him, but can't afford it, see if he will at least maybe come down to Maria's price or slightly higher.

    It doesn't hurt to try and negotiate, and don't worry about alienating him, if he stays as high as you say he is, you likely won't go with him anyway!

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    Yea I would try to see if you could get either Bruce or Maria down to a price your more comfortable with, or try to have another meeting with John and see if he you make him understand your vision a little more.  I went with John, and he got my vision and made me see if more...I kinda only had ideas, no real vision per se.  But I would give him another try.  When I met with him he seemed very patient and willing to do anything, plus he gives breaks for the whole package.  BUT you need to be comfortable with the pick, so see if you're favorites will come down a little.  Or see if there is a way to trim the package a bit to get the vision, but for less.  It can't hurt!
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    Both of my daughter's used Michael Bruce for their weddings and the flowers were so beautiful.  He loves what he does and will give you extraordinary flowers.  I know he will be willing to try and work with you to get closer to your budget.  Michael is worth every penny - he does fabulous work!
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    I am going with Maria for the same reasons you said you liked her.  I totally trust her to give me what I want.  I know I don't have to worry about it.  And she was kind of mid-range with cost. I am sure you could probably try to talk her down a bit too, if you can't get your first guy's prices down where you want them.
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    Thanks girls for your opinions. I am going to go with Maria. As much as I love Michael he wouldn't move on his quote and we just cannot afford to go over 1500 on our budget. But I'm very excited to have Maria because she's very enthusiastic and talented. Can't wait to work with her!
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    Well, glad you already decided on Maria.  She did a fabulous job and really went with my vision.  My flowers were so beautiful and I'm sure yours will be as well.

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