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Brigalia's Brides.... I was wondering......

Our wedding is at Brigalia's July of next year and we where refferred to Potito's Bakery in South Philly for our cake selection however after talking to several other Brigalias brides almost all of them have used or are using a different bakery. Is anyone using or have used Potito's Bakery and of so how was your experience?
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Re: Brigalia's Brides.... I was wondering......

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    I'm a Brigalias bride, but not till March.  I would post something on the Philly board to see if any of those brides have dealt with the bakery.  Sorry I'm not more help!  I just love seeing other Brigalias brides!
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    Im a brigalias bride as well! i was just at a wedding at brigalias the bride used the cale from Potito's and it was very pretty and tasty too!

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    Thank you!
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  • I am getting married at Brigalia's in May and am setting up my appointment with Potito's for the end of this month. They do free consulations, so my suggestion would be to set up an appointment to do a tasting, and if your not impressed, look elsewhere. I am thinking positively, as I have heard nothing but great things about Brigalia's, from soup to nuts, and honestly, depending on your package, there are so many other dessert options you could include that there may be something for everyone's liking. I can tell you that I asked about using a different bakery at my consultation with Brigalia's, and they do give you a little bit back in credit, but it is not anything signifigant, since they have a partnership with Potito's and get a good deal. But when I go, if  Potito's is awful, my back up bakery is Sweet Life in Vineland. They may be pricey, but there cakes are amazing and included in your wedding cake price is a complimentary small cake they will make for you and your hubby on or near your 1st anniversary, so you are not left eating frozen, tale, leftover cake from the wedding. When I meet with Potito's, I will post again to let you know how the tasting was. Good Luck!!!
  • Thanks so much, please please please post an update once you have your tasting. I did call and they told me to wait till spring to do my cake tasting so im antsy to get some feedback.
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  • Hi Ladies, I just wanted to let you know I scheduled my cake tasting with the bakery on Feb 2nd, so I will come back with some feedback then!  I was reading on yelp that their cannolis are the best and they also make a cannoli cake, I just hope that is one of their normal flavors for Brigalias and isn't extra!  I love me cannoli cake!
  • I just posted this in the OOM post above but wanted to give the update here as well:

    Yes! We went last night!  Everything was soooooo delicious!  The icing wasn't too sweet either.  The chocolate buttercream icing was also so good!  The cake that comes with Brigalias is all buttercream, so if you want a fondant cake, that is an extra charge.  Christine, who assisted us was really nice!  They have a book of their cakes they have done in the past. I brought in a picture of the cake I found on The Knot and they are going to duplicate it.  Any upgrades you get on your cake, you pay for yourself at the bakery.  We didn't have to pay it at the tasting, but they ask it to be paid about 2 weeks before your wedding.  I'm having a 100 person wedding and our cake is three tiered.

    Parking is a challenge, so bring the smallest car you have.  Only one side of the street is parallel parking and the other side is angeled parking, but the street is tight.  If your coming from Jersey it was really easy to get there.  Just take the Walt Whitman bridge over and take the 3rd exit after the toll, which is for the Sports Complex.  Make a right onto Broad St (at the end of the exit), then make a left onto Ritner.  Its about 3 blocks down on the left.
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