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We're getting married at Brigalia's next November. We immediately fell in love with the venue, and the price was great. We recently went to a wedding at Brigalia's, the first time for both of us....and although everything was beautiful and the food was great, I felt like dinner (it was a sit down) took forever to come out! By the time dinner was done and cleared, there was really only an hour or so left in the reception. I'm a little concerned, because it never seems like people want to dance, and the party doesn't really start until after dinner. They did have some traditional religious dances before dinner, along with a few other things, so I'm not really sure if the B&G chose to do it that way. And they did have nearly 220 ppl in attendance, so that could have contributed to dinner coming out really late. But I'm still a little worried! Has anyone else had a wedding or been a guest at a wedding at Brigalia's? Did you feel like dinner came out way late?

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    I am also a Brigalia's bride( July 2012). While I have not been to a wedding I know several ppl whom have had their weddings with them or know the management personally, I have only heard great things but if it helps any at the top of the screen in the Search The Knot tab you can type in Brigalia's and feedback will come up. They have been very accommodating in the prep for our wedding so don't feel as if you can't put specifics on your day. If you want dinner earlier in the reception then talk to them and I'm sure they would help you.

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    I am also a Brigalias bride.  We are 4 months today!  But I have known many people to attend an event at Brigalias, but have not heard about that complaint.  I've been to a wedding where it seems to take forever for dinner to be served.  But it was a big wedding, so maybe the 220 people at the wedding contributed to that.  If your concerned, give them a call.  They have been nothing but nice when I've called them about different things.
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    Thanks girls! My FI said the same exact thing, he thinks I worry about everything. (He's probably right). Let me tell you that the food was AMAZING! The cocktail hour was the best I've ever seen. Ditto with the dessert room!
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    I looked into Brigalia's and I did not hear of a complaint about then, nor did I think that dinner coming out late was going to be a problem. However it is definitely a problem at A LOT of weddings I've been to. So for my wedding to aviod that even possibly being a problem (because I'm having a band and a HUGE dancer), I'm having like an hour dance sent right after the introductions before the dinner comes out. We're going to dance through the courses and then have the band take a break when dinner is ready to come out.
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