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Need Help - Hair Stylists

Hey ladies.  Have any of you had people of different ethnicities in your wedding party/family who needed to get their hair and makeup done?  Who did you hire (hair specifically) that could accommodate everyone?

I hope this doesn't offend anyone that I'm asking this, but I'm hoping I can find a hair stylist who can do my fine, straight hair, but also do my FMIL's curly thick hair (FI's family is Puerto Rican).  I would hate to hire someone who would do a bad job on her hair.

Any recommendations?

Re: Need Help - Hair Stylists

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    Just called Bella Angel and they are waaaaay more expensive than I thought they would be.  Next...
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    Hi im a colorist at Bernards hair salon in cherry hill . We have a amazing styling team and they can work on any kind of hair. Not sure if you booked anything yet but you can come in and talk to someone. The salon also has a wedding planner onsite so if you have any questions or need pretty much anything they can help.  We also have a concierge service specially for your honeymoon or looking for any hard to find things you may need they will be able to find it for you. if your intrested or have and questions you can message me
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