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tipping questions... HELP!

ok so quick question
i have heard mixed reviews on this whole tipping thing ... we are using karen capcino for hair - for you girs that used her, whats the consensus? did you guys tip her? and how about other vendors that we're using that own their own businesses - do we tip?? its coming up this saturday and im not sure what to do!? also is it bad to send out tips after the event? with a little note thanking them for their services? any advice would be helpful thanks!

Re: tipping questions... HELP!

  • Northstar1808Northstar1808 member
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    all I know is that if they own their own business you don't have to tip since they are profitting everything from you.
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    Same thing Northstar said.  Just make sure you didn't pay for the tip already for the other vendors though, as in it was included in the price.  I know my limo company and reception hall already built in the price. 
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    Same as pp's mentioned if they own their own business you don't have to. I don't think it is a bad idea to send a card after. It's one less thing to worry about during the day. I've heard from several people who have done this and included a wedding pic in the thank you. I say do what works best for you. Your wedding is so soon that's so exciting!
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    The only people we tipped were the videographer, the 2nd photgrapher (assistant), and I think Karen's assistant?

    I'm not sure, my mom and DOC handled most of this, but I do know we didn't tip main vendors (limo company, DJ, etc.) and did not tip anyone who owned this business.

    My parents are extremely not cheap, but they just thought it was ridiculous to have to tip people on top of the exorbitant amount you were already paying for their services.
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  • mhobbs919mhobbs919 member
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    i agree, all our vendors are coming just them (karen and our photog) and the dj is his own company too - we're not cheap either but like you said the costs are outrageous to begin with - they're making out well :)
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